Brookdale Park Permanent Orienteering Course post repairs

Boggart Hole and Brookdale Park working party

The orienteering course at Brookdale Park has been fully restored, and the Short Orange course slightly improved. The picture shows a post being repainted. Controls A,D,O and S/F are now plaques attached to RunEngland posts.

The course at Boggart Hole Clough has also been restored. Due to a bridge becoming dangerous Yellow and Light Green courses have been re-routed and control N moved across the lake; also posts V and Q have been moved to more accessible sites.

New post on Leverhulme Permanent Orienteering course

Leverhulme Park working party

We’ve just moved Leverhulme Park controls M,E,P,W and N to better sites – either out of undergrowth, or to be more easily found.

All issues in Bolton parks have now been sorted out this summer.