Joblets at Gorse Hall

Moved a couple of controls (one out of brambles, and one after repeat vandalism) and reinstated another whose support had fallen over. Discovered a small new car park very conveniently right by the Start/Finish (photo).

New map of Heaton Park

We have a brand new map of Heaton Park – in a few weeks a British Schools Championship will be using it. Spent a long afternoon sorting out how the Permanent Course posts have been affected – just a few reworded descriptions. Photo is a family of swans out on manoeuvres on the northmost lake.

New Shopping Sytem now online

You may notice that everything to do with buying maps is now different. If you find any problems, please let us know (see contact details in the page footer).

The big advantage of the new system is that if you pay electronically for PDF maps, you will instantly get a link to download them.