Lyme maintenance

Post N restored to planted and upright – it had been broken off a few inches down so it’s now quite a short post. All other controls checked and a few firmed in.

The field containing AN, P and L is now out of bounds after incidences of dogs worrying sheep, and apparently this isn’t going to change anytime soon. You can still use the Gritstone Trail path from G towards HE, but that’s it.

Heaton Park Update

To go along with the major map revision, we went and sorted a few things out so the course is now in great shape.

Missing post H is now a plaque on the fence. Buried in vegetation posts N, FI and V have all got new homes a few metres away.

Post M was rescued from a contractors compound and for the moment is attached to the nearby fence. All posts are freshly painted and have a hi-vis plaque attached.

Photo is Peter pretending that we put post V back in nice and straight.