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Posts restored at Debdale

Post R replaced (and slightly repositioned to be less vulnerable); post S replaced, and post N restored to a vertical position.

Even so, the course is incomplete – posts K and Q have vanished (possibly knocked out by mowing) and post U has been snapped off (we’ve left it propped up).

Also noticed new work on a path to a Remembrance Memorial.

Tour of Bolton

Really soggy underfoot today.  Two posts replaced at Queens Park, Bolton. One re-sited at Moses Gate Crompton’s Lodges; another post replaced and one re-sited at Moses Gate Darcy Lever, but both parks have another post missing. Tours of Leverhulme Park and Moss Bank found one more post missing.

Dove Stone course updates

The Dove Stone courses have been updated:

post P has been moved to a place away from unpleasant litter

post EE has been moved away from bracken

post BB has been moved below the fence

Picture shows a hard-earned lunch stop.