Moss Bank Park

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  • Course Status

  • Last checked October 2019.   Everything OK.
  • nb. Changes in park maintenance mean that some of the open grass (bright yellow) has become much longer rough open grass.
  • Orienteering map details

  • A4 Landscape, Scale 1:4000. Last updated October 2019.
  • Start/Finish

  • The Start/Finish is a plaque on a fence corner, pretty much in the centre of the park (though you may have to look behind parked vehicles). The main car park (the red marker above) is about 300m away, at the South entrance of the park – the less busy “main attractions” car park (the orange marker) may be a bit closer.

    Map detail showing the main car park and the walk in to the Start/Finish

    Moss B cStart plaque

    Moss Bank Park Start/Finish plaque