Dove Stone

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  • Course Status

  • 3/11/2023 – complete revision of the courses.  Orange slightly simplified, Yellow2, Red and Blue dropped, Green completely redesigned – all in order to remove controls which are difficult to access due to tussocks, bracken or both. The controls no longer included on suggested courses will be left on the map, but will no longer be maintained – as of October 2023, they are all in place, and will probably remain so until the posts rot through, but they are unlikely to be checked and certainly won’t be replaced.
  • Last checked October 2023.  Everything OK.
  • New! You can now record your run using the MapRun App on your Smartphone. Score points and share your results too. See the Smartphones page for details. 
  • R, N, Y and to a lesser extent H, Q and DD will be extremely hard to find when bracken is up (typically June to October inclusive).
  • Extreme tussocks on the North East slope and the lower part of the rocky Eastern make for very hard going at all times of year.  
  • Note that some woodland west of the upper reservoir has been felled and is not yet mapped (though this doesn’t affect the POC); also some very shallow ditches may confuse between N and DD.
  • Special Challenges … identify the control that has been installed upside-down, and the one lying on its side !
  • Watch out for shooting parties that may restrict access in some parts.
  • (NB. May 2017:  post P moved away from unpleasant litter; post EE moved away from bracken; post BB moved to below the fence.   The old posts have been left in place, so old maps will still work for a while.)
  • Orienteering map details

  • Orienteering map – A4 portrait, Scale 1:10000. Last updated Nov 2023.
  • Start/Finish

  • Start S1 is about 500m SouthEast of the Car Park, along the road past the Sailing Club.
  • Start S2 is about 200m North of the car Park, across the dam.
  • The stated Wheelchair/White distance does not include these extras.
  • Some courses finish at the other Start.  eg. Wheelchair/White starts at S1 and finishes at S2; Green starts at S2 and finishes at S1..
    Map detail showing both Starts, car park and Sailing Club.

    Map detail showing both Starts, car park and Sailing Club.

    S2 on the end of the fence

    S1 at the bridge

  • How to get a map

  • Dove Stone waterproof print£1.25

  • Dove Stone PDF£1.25

  • Dove Stone MapRun Bundle 75min Score£2.00

  • Or buy any map from Get a Map


Steps at Binn Green


Alderman Crag from post V


‘Plughole’ overflow in winter, Dovestone

  • Park Facilities

  • K  Car Park   d  Toilets   X Picnic areas
  • Note – there is a parking charge unless you are an RSPB member.
  • Directions

  • From Ashton-u-Lyne, take A635 (Huddersfield) to Greenfield. From mini roundabout at E side of Greenfield continue 700m along A635 to R fork on to reservoir road to reach car park.
  • OS Grid Reference: SE 013 033.  Postcode OL3 7NE gets you to the Sailing Club via the main car park. (Postcode OL3 7NN gets you to the Binn Green car park – halfway up the West side of the map)
  • Public transport options
  • Course Maintenance

  • Maintained by GMOA.
  • Postwatchers, please click here to submit your report.