Queen’s Park, Heywood

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  • Course Status

  • Last checked April 2024.  Everything OK – note that post Q has been moved across the path to a different boulder.
  • However, a compound is being constructed near the car park to support several months’ work on the road bridge and an extension to the car park, so … ZZ may be inaccessible for a while, and the footpath under the bridge may be intermittently closed.
  • NB. 15/9/2022 – Post F has been removed from the map and courses, over concern about its position amidst the BMX bike area. The central area map and courses are unaffected.  Get yourself a new map !
  • NB. from 1/9/2021, the hard-to-find ZZ has been moved to outside the adjacent thicket, the bramble-infested T has been moved to the knoll foot next to the wall, and the nasty XX has been moved to the cricket club gate (the old XX post will be removed in a few months time).  
  • January 2024 – the map has been brought right up to date, especially with changes around the car park.
  • Orienteering map details

  • Full area map: A4 Landscape, Scale 1:6000. Last updated 2024.
  • Central area map: A4 Portrait, Scale 1:2500. Last updated 2024.
  • There has been some clearing of undergrowth and so some of the green slow runs are now much more accessible.
  • Start/Finish

  • The Start/Finish is about 250m from the car park, at a corner of the play area. This is relatively centrally located, to best support the Stars and Loops exercises available on the Central Area map.

    Map detail showing the car park and Start/Finish

    Start/Finish post next to the Outdoor Gym

  • How to get a map

  • Queen’s Park, Heywood waterproof print£1.25

  • Queen’s Park, Heywood PDF£1.25

  • Queen’s Park, central area waterproof print£0.75

  • Queen's Park, central area PDF£0.75

  • Or buy any map from Get a Map
  • Park Facilities

  • K Car Park   d Toilets   Cafe  z Playground  X Picnic areas


Crimble Mill, on the red course


Control Z, happy to be out-and-about!


The Queens Park Cafe

  • Directions

  • Signed North from the A58 in Heywood, down Queen’s Park Road. Park is ¾ mile on the right, but car park is on the left of the road.
  • OS Grid Reference: SD 858 115.  Postcode: OL10 4UY.
  • Public transport options
  • Course Maintenance

  • Maintenance by GMOA supported by Rochdale Council
  • Postwatchers, please click here to submit your report.