Silver Springs

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  • Course Status

  • Last checked February 2022 – everything OK.
  • (Control N is a plaque on the entrance gate about 10m from its old position in a nest of brambles.)
  • NB. There’s a COVID testing station in the new Tameside Council car park, but it is still usable.
  • NB. Cafe, toilets and play area are available across the road in the adjacent Stanford Park.
  • Posts Q and I, having disappeared under the new car park, have been re-sited.
  • Post B had disappeared and a new one installed 30m or so away from brambles – the old post had a memorial plaque affixed:  JASON Died 23rd March 1997 Aged 9 Years R.I.P.  The plaque has disappeared with the old post, but this note is a replacement of sorts – we suspect Jason may have been a pet.
  • Orienteering map details

  • A4 Portrait, Scale 1:5000. Completely revised 2019 updated 2020.
  • Start/Finish

  • Courses start at the edge of the wood near the SouthEast corner of the Southern lake, and finish at the SouthWest corner. The Start is very close to the new Tameside Council car park.

    Car park, Start and Finish

    Start post

    Finish post

      • How to get a map

      • Silver Springs waterproof print£1.50

      • Silver Springs PDF£1.50

      • Or buy any map from Get a Map
      • Park Facilities

      • K Car Park  Pay and Display
      • d Toilets   Cafe  z Playground    These facilities are available in Stamford Park across Darnton Road from the Car Park and Start

Low water levels, upper lake