Silver Springs

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  • Course Status

  • Last checked April 2019 everything OK, except that posts Q and I have disappeared under the new Tameside Council car park.
  • We will soon be re-mapping the whole area, and re-planning the courses accordingly, now car park works are reaching completion.
  • Orienteering map details

  • A4 Portrait, Scale 1:5000. Last updated 2012.
  • Start/Finish

  • Courses start at the edge of the wood near the SouthEast corner of the Southern lake, and finish at the SouthWest corner, by the steps from the car park. The Start is about 100m from the car park.

    Silver Springs car park, Start and Finish

    Start post

    Finish post

      • How to get a map

      • Silver Springs waterproof print£1.50

      • Silver Springs PDF£1.50

      • From Park Bridge Heritage Centre. Tel. 0161 330 9613
      • Or buy any map from Get a Map
      • Or order any map by post by downloading the Map order form
      • Park Facilities

      • K Car Park
      • Note the car park is Pay and Display
      • The adjacent Stamford Park has a full set of facilities.

Woodland view

Grumpy Stump!

Low water levels, upper lake