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Little black beetles at Moses Gate Darcy Lever

Entomology Corner:   Two of the posts at Moses Gate Darcy Lever seem to have become home to colonies of little black beetles – (see photo) – they’re about the size of ladybirds.  I’ve not seen anything like this on any of our 1500 posts before. A local expert tells me they are Alder Leaf beetles, which went extinct in 1895 but reappeared at Styal in 2005 and are now relatively common. Darcy Lever must have more alder trees than any of our other parks!

Burrs Masterplan

The picture shows the Masterplan for Burrs Country Park.  The first bullet under General Notes is “upgrade QR codes linked to orienteering trail”.  Well, fear not, folks, we’ve just done it all by ourselves without being asked. 

Our experiment of using the MOBO app on phones wasn’t a triumph (QR codes no longer functional, very few users), so we’ve replaced all the controls with new plaques with our own QR code in the middle.  While we were at it, a couple of controls (22,23) have been removed due to traffic on the cobbled road, and a few controls (Y, 15, 24) moved to new positions.