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Joblets at Gorse Hall

Moved a couple of controls (one out of brambles, and one after repeat vandalism) and reinstated another whose support had fallen over. Discovered a small new car park very conveniently right by the Start/Finish (photo).

Lots of maintenance

A couple of days of maintenance activity his week:

Checks of Chadderton Hall Park, and Strinesdale.  New S/F plaques at the S1 and S2 starts at Daisy Nook. Rotted plaque D replaced at Gorse Hall.

Missing plaque O replaced at Burrs Country Park. Rotten post Z replaced and missing plaque D put in at Hoyles Park. Missing post A replaced at Queens Park Heywood. Missing post R replaced at Moss Bank.

Photo is the bridge at Queens Park Heywood, from near post A.