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The wrong sort of growth?

All the politicians want growth – but possibly not this sort !   Picture is rampant undergrowth at Sale Water Park, but everywhere we’ve been recently it looks like this is going to be a very good year for balsam, bramble, nettles and vegetation of every kind.

Beat the brambles at Sale Water Park

Three controls – K L X – have been moved away from ever-expanding brambles. The old posts have been left in place, and will stay for a few months, so people with existing maps will still have a chance of finding their controls, but maps printed from the 25 Feb 2020 onwards will show new positions for these controls.

A serious question

A pleasant day of joblets in Trafford – Princes Park Irlam, Sale Water Park, Longford Park. Photo is post K at Sale – which raises the serious question of what we should do about posts that disappear in balsam and brambles for half the year ? Moving the posts to somewhere veg-free probably reduces the orienteering challenge significantly, but leaving them there is pretty unkind to people trying to find them. Across all our parks, the issue of rampant vegetation seems to be getting worse almost everywhere.

Couple of lovely Spring days-worth of maintenance

Lots of jobs done at Burnage Rugby Club – though we found that the post fairy had been out and saved us some effort (thanks!). What was W is now TC;  J has moved a few metres out of brambles.

Post Q at Wythenshawe nudged out of brambles.  A very old post E nudged from behind a hedge at Sale Water Park. Post 33 at Woodbank dug in properly. Post B at Strinesdale dug in properly.

Couple of map changes at Chadderton Hall Park, also post F re-sited and post J dug in properly.