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Water retention projects

If you look carefully at the little stream in the photo, you may see a number of little newly-built walls, presumably to create pools and slow down the water leaving the moor (Crompton Moor, in this case). 

Access issues at Mirrlees Fields

Fences at Mirrlees Fields now line the two main footpaths as an attempt to curtail access to the full area. They’re shown on the updated map. Rumours suggests the area is for sale, and that planning permission has been denied. As you can see in the photo, the fences are hip-height and not barbed-wire so are more indicative than enforcing. 

New bike areas at Wythenshawe Park

Picture is the new BMX area, next to the running track. There’s also a MTB area in the wood between H N and K, and an MTB area outside the wood North of N.  Official opening in September.  Suggestions welcome on how to map these tracks !