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Chorlton Water Park

The orienteering courses at Chorlton Water Park are now 100% complete, with a new control P in place, relocated from the river bank where it was getting damaged frequently by the grass cutters. It’s now on a small knoll about 150 m South of the old location.

While going around the course I heard some strange bird noises and was convinced I had seen a parrot. I checked on the web and found out that a colony of ring necked parakeets is developing in the area. This link will take you to a site that gives more info on the birds, and lots of other interesting stuff that can be found in the park.

Burnage and Reddish working party

Courses at Burnage Rugby Club and Reddish Vale have been restored to completeness. (Except that control H at Reddish has disappeared in the middle of a housing development and we’ll have to decide what to do when it is finished!)burnage-rfc-orienteering-course-working-party

Working party restoring Blackleach orienteering course

Blackleach working party

The Blackleach orienteering course is now (almost) fully restored, painted and generally gardened. One post (I) has gone missing since the last visit, so will have to be fixed another time.  The main photo has been updated to show just how blue the lake can be on a lovely winter’s morning.


Brereton Heath

brereton-heath-orienteering-start-controlA new start/finish control has been put in place at the popular Brereton Heath permanent orienteering course. The local ranger was good enough to dig the hole for us.

Brereton Heath is well maintained by the Cheshire East team and even on a winter weekday is popular with the public.

The course is now 100% complete and if you want to avoid the undergrowth that can affect a few parts of the area, now is the time to visit.


Prince’s Park working party

Prince’s Park is now fully restored. A very pleasant few hours work replacing 3 posts and one plaque. The Park seemed to be very popular with local dog walkers many of whom were interested in what we were doing.

View from Teggs Nose

Tegg’s Nose

Teggs Nose Orienteering PostA full inspection of the Tegg’s Nose permanent orienteering course was made on a cold early November day. There was evidence of the first snowfall of the year.

View from Teggs NoseAt the top of Tegg’s Nose is an orientation table explaining the view across the Cheshire Plain, ideal for a short break in your orienteering course.



Orienteering Course Lyme Park

Lyme Park in Autumn

A full check was made of the relatively new permanent orienteering course at Lyme Park. All posts are in place and the wood were looking stunning. The photo here is looking into the beech wood of Knights Low Wood.

Lyme Park is also a good place to run, whether you are on the course or not, a good set of hills with good paths and excellent views.

Kersal Dale Permanent Orienteering course renovation

Kersals working party

Both Kersal courses are now in great shape. Kersal Moor – a bit of new mapping and some clearance of inconvenient vegetation. Kersal Dale – a new post W, a new plaque B, quite a bit of painting and vegetation clearance. Both parks have some interesting local history.