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Automated email problems

Our hosting service migrated our server at 2am on Tuesday 9 June, which unfortunately broke our automated emails from the shop. We finally tracked down the issue and fixed it at 5pm on Thursday 11 June.

So, sincere apologies to everyone who ordered maps between those times for the delays and manual processing we had to do. Thankfully it looks like we are sorted now and back to business as usual.

New Shopping Sytem now online

You may notice that everything to do with buying maps is now different. If you find any problems, please let us know (see contact details in the page footer).

The big advantage of the new system is that if you pay electronically for PDF maps, you will instantly get a link to download them.

New Shopping System on the way

You may have noticed that the shopping cart items have disappeared from the park pages and the only way to buy a map is now from the GetaMap page.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be moving onto a new shopping system. This will enable us to cope with card-processing changes to do with Strong Customer Authentication (which is probably behind the recent update-your-details stuff you’ve had from assorted on-line banks).

It should also enable PDF purchases to be immediately downloadable.

Please bear with us, and let us know if there’s anything that doesn’t work for you.

Expired SSL

Apologies to everyone inconvenienced by the stern insecurity warnings issued due to our SSL expiring, and not being fixed for a fortnight.  Not in any way related to the previous post.

All should now be OK. Let us know if you have any concerns.


Cyber Attacks

Yesterday, the web site was down all day.

In the last few days, we’ve discovered a rogue admin user – now deleted, several rogue news posts – now deleted, and this database corruption – now recovered.

Apologies for any inconvenience. If you see anything odd on the site –  please let us know.