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Who knew ?

Worsley Woods is in beautiful condition at the moment.  The photo shows the info board looking across to the Aviary.  Did you know that the Aviary was built to be a hunting lodge, and the woods were planted to provide something to hunt in – so all the old trees are actually the same age !

Everyone can help !

A couple of weeks back, a kind user sent us this photo – showing Worsley Woods post B out of the ground and propped against a tree.  Without further ado, a new post was installed and everything is OK again (as per photo).  We always appreciate our users telling us stuff.

Bits and bobs everywhere

All in a day’s work … Post TT replaced at Moses Gate Cromptons Lodges (see photo), and minor map update to help find it.
Significant map update at Moses Gate Darcy Lever to make it easier to find posts S and K.
Painted everything but discovered 3 missing posts at Worsley Woods.
Discovered missing post N at Brabyns.
Moved the letter Q nearer to its circle at Kersal Dale.