See the bottom of this page for details of products, payments and process.

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Leverhulme Park PDF
Leverhulme Park waterproof print
Moses Gate Crompton’s Lodges PDF
Moses Gate Crompton’s Lodges waterproof print
Moses Gate Darcy Lever PDF
Moses Gate Darcy Lever waterproof print
Moss Bank Park PDF
Moss Bank Park waterproof print
Queen’s Park, Bolton PDF
Queen’s Park, Bolton waterproof print
Burrs Activity Centre PDF
Burrs Activity Centre waterproof print
Burrs Country Park PDF
Burrs Country Park waterproof print
Chesham Woods PDF
Chesham Woods waterproof print
Hoyles Park PDF
Hoyles Park waterproof print
Nuttall Park PDF
Nuttall Park waterproof print
Philips Park, Prestwich PDF
Philips Park, Prestwich waterproof print
Boggart Hole Clough PDF
Boggart Hole Clough waterproof print
Brookdale Park PDF
Brookdale Park waterproof print
Chorlton Water Park MapRun Bundle 60min Score
Chorlton Water Park PDF
Chorlton Water Park waterproof print
Debdale Park PDF
Debdale Park waterproof print
Heaton Park MapRun Bundle 75min Score
Heaton Park MapTiler
Heaton Park PDF
Heaton Park waterproof print
Hough End PDF
Hough End waterproof print
Philips Park, Manchester PDF
Philips Park, Manchester waterproof print
Wythenshawe Hall Gardens PDF
Wythenshawe Hall Gardens waterproof print
Wythenshawe Park MapRun Bundle 60min Score
Wythenshawe Park MapTiler
Wythenshawe Park PDF
Wythenshawe Park waterproof print
Alexandra Park PDF
Alexandra Park waterproof print
Chadderton Hall Park PDF
Chadderton Hall Park waterproof print
Crompton Moor PDF
Crompton Moor waterproof print
Daisy Nook Country Park PDF
Daisy Nook Country Park waterproof print
Dove Stone MapRun Bundle 60min Score
Dove Stone PDF
Dove Stone Trail-O PDF
Dove Stone Trail-O waterproof print
Dove Stone waterproof print
Strinesdale PDF
Strinesdale Trail-O PDF
Strinesdale Trail-O waterproof print
Strinesdale waterproof print
Tandle Hill Country Park PDF
Tandle Hill Country Park waterproof print
Tandle Hill East PDF
Tandle Hill East waterproof print
Alderley Edge PDF
Alderley Edge waterproof print
Brereton Heath North area PDF
Brereton Heath North area waterproof print
Brereton Heath PDF
Brereton Heath waterproof print
Clowbridge PDF
Clowbridge waterproof print
Macclesfield Forest PDF
Macclesfield Forest waterproof print
Tegg's Nose PDF
Tegg's Nose waterproof print
Bowlee Community Park PDF
Bowlee Community Park Trail-O PDF
Bowlee Community Park Trail-O waterproof print
Bowlee Community Park waterproof print
Queen's Park, central area PDF
Queen’s Park, central area waterproof print
Queen’s Park, Heywood PDF
Queen’s Park, Heywood waterproof print
Springfield Park PDF
Springfield Park waterproof print
Blackleach Country Park PDF
Blackleach Country Park waterproof print
Clifton Country Park HippsomApp
Clifton Country Park PDF
Clifton Country Park waterproof print
Dukes Drive, Monton PDF
Dukes Drive, Monton waterproof print
Kersal Dale PDF
Kersal Dale waterproof print
Kersal Moor PDF
Kersal Moor waterproof print
Princes Park, Irlam PDF
Princes Park, Irlam waterproof print
Worsley Woods PDF
Worsley Woods waterproof print
Brabyns Park PDF
Brabyns Park waterproof print
Bramhall Park PDF
Bramhall Park waterproof print
Bruntwood Park PDF
Bruntwood Park waterproof print
Burnage RC Mersey Vale PDF
Burnage RC Mersey Vale waterproof print
Burnage Rugby Club PDF
Burnage Rugby Club waterproof print
Lyme MapRun Bundle 75min Score
Lyme PDF
Lyme waterproof print
Meriton Road Park, Handforth PDF
Meriton Road Park, Handforth waterproof print
Mirrlees Fields PDF
Mirrlees Fields waterproof print
Reddish Vale PDF
Reddish Vale starter PDF
Reddish Vale starter waterproof print
Reddish Vale waterproof print
Woodbank Park PDF
Woodbank Park waterproof print
Etherow Lodge Park PDF
Etherow Lodge Park waterproof print
Gorse Hall PDF
Gorse Hall waterproof print
Silver Springs PDF
Silver Springs waterproof print
Longford Park PDF
Longford Park waterproof print
Sale Water Park MapRun Bundle 45min Score
Sale Water Park PDF
Sale Water Park waterproof print
Urmston Meadows PDF
Urmston Meadows waterproof print
Amberswood PDF
Amberswood waterproof print
Haigh Country Park PDF
Haigh Country Park waterproof print
Haigh Hall PDF
Haigh Hall waterproof print
Three Sisters Recreation Area PDF
Three Sisters Recreation Area waterproof print

Payment Info


Types of map products:

Waterproof prints. These are A4 sheets of waterproof paper, with the map laser-printed on one side, showing all the controls, and text on the reverse side which includes some basic information and suggested ways of combining the controls into courses of different standards and lengths.  When payment for your order is confirmed, we will print your maps and post them to the address supplied.

PDF files. These are pairs of PDF files, with the map in one file and the reverse side text in the other. When payment for your order is confirmed, we will construct an email (or series of emails) with all the required files attached. Note that the nature of printing via PDFs means that scale and colours are variable, and the quality of print and paper will depend on what facilities you have available. Also note that this response is not automated – your email(s) will be sent as soon as your order can be processed.

MapRun, MapTiler and HippsomApp files. We will also supply files for all the apps described on the Smartphones page. The ones currently offered are ones we have used already. If you’d like to try some other parks, use Contact Us to ask and we will happily create the necessary files and add the new products to our list.

Ways of paying:

Cheque.  You will receive an email confirming your order, with all its details, and giving the address to post your cheque to. Your order will be fulfilled (either printed or emailed) when the cheque is received.

Bank Transfer.  You will receive an email, as above, and giving the GMOA bank details for you to transfer the money to. Your order will be fulfilled when your transfer is received.

Purchase Order/Invoice.  If you provide a Purchase Order number, we will include a matching Invoice along with the maps. Select Cheque or Bank Transfer as Payment Method, and put the Purchase Order details in the Notes box. Your order will be fulfilled as soon as it is received, and an Invoice included with the delivery.

PayPal and Cards.  You will receive an email, as above, which will confirm your payment, and your order will be fulfilled as soon as we can.


There is an administration charge of £1.00 for every order. Orders of 20 or more maps get a discount of 20%.

An order for Lyme is for a pack containing one A3 map and two A4 maps. This is our only A3 map.

None of this system will work if you supply a non-working email address, so please please double-check it.  And for waterproof prints, the delivery address must be correct and complete else you won’t receive your maps.

The reason we charge for maps is that our organisation, although entirely run by volunteers, has ongoing expenses – posts, plaques, mapping, travel, hosting, paper, toner, postage, etc – which need to be covered. Prices per map reflect a combination of costs we incur and contributions from the individual park authorities.