A5 Certificate v5A5_Word_Certificate The old Certificate scheme has been replaced with a self-serve system - edit the text boxes in this A5 Word document to achieve whatever specific certificates you want (eg. it doesn't need to be THREE completions, and doesn't have to be WHITE standard - it could be simply one course at one particular park), and arrange for your own printing.

Map order form

PDF_of_a_Map_Order_Form ... send it in with a cheque or invoice, if you prefer not to use the online ordering system.

Control cards

PDF_of_GMOA_Control_Cards ... a sheet of 4 control cards, if you need some more boxes to write in.

MapRun Guide

A guide on how to find and use the MapRun App.

Dove Stone extras

PDF_of_Extra_courses_for_Dove_Stone  (longer/harder courses that wouldn't fit on the back of the map).

Heaton extras

PDF_of_Extra_courses_for_Heaton_Park (longer/harder courses that wouldn't fit on the back of the map).

Trail-O answers

PDF_of_Trail-O_solutions ... Sadly, we can no longer support the Trail-O courses at Bowlee, Dove Stone and Strinesdale. Apologies, if you are affected by this change.