Get Out & Go is a series of short films funded by SportEngland to take beginners through all the basics.

All the skills and techniques shown in the films are easy to practise using our Permanent Courses, and we have created a Training Pack using the POC at Wythenshawe Park, so that you can watch one of the videos and then go round the course using the associated notes to see how the points the videos are making stack up against reality.

We have also created sets of courses to complement these videos.  For each of the 4 videos, there’s a short, fully-explained course to support the learning points introduced in the video.

Wythenshawe Park Training Pack£1.00


Click on a picture to go directly to that film:

Associated background documents are:

Some earlier videos along similar lines:

And finally, to take things on to another level – “Think Fast Run Hard Go Orienteering” is a playlist of a series of 5-minute-ish films featuring GB Squad members each one focussed on a specific technique (which are also introduced in assorted words on our Orienteering Guide page).  Links to the individual films:

And of course, if you search for Orienteering on YouTube, all manner of other stuff from all over the world will come up.