Learning and coaching

Whether you want to learn orienteering skills – or to teach them – the four course Training Pack at Wythenshawe Park is well worth a look.  The Training Pack contains the details of four orienteering courses of increasingly difficulty, each planned to reinforce the techniques illustrated in the Get Out & Go  Sports England videos. Each course comes complete with a control by control commentary and MapRun provides plenty of data for post run analysis.

You may not become a wonderfully competent orienteer in the time it will take to run these four courses but the Training Pack will propel you some distance along the way.

Learn to read a map for £1. It’s a bargain.

Wythenshawe Park Training Pack£1.00

Links to the Sports England Videos

Get Out & Go is a series of short films funded by SportEngland to take beginners through all the basics.

Click on a picture to go directly to that film:

You may also be interested in these:

Some earlier videos along similar lines:

And finally, to take things on to another level:

Think Fast Run Hard Go Orienteering” is a playlist of a series of 5-minute-ish films featuring GB Squad members each one focussed on a specific technique (which are also introduced in assorted words on our Orienteering Guide page).  Links to the individual films:

And of course, if you search for Orienteering on YouTube, all manner of other stuff from all over the world will come up.