A serious question

A pleasant day of joblets in Trafford – Princes Park Irlam, Sale Water Park, Longford Park. Photo is post K at Sale – which raises the serious question of what we should do about posts that disappear in balsam and brambles for half the year ? Moving the posts to somewhere veg-free probably reduces the orienteering challenge significantly, but leaving them there is pretty unkind to people trying to find them. Across all our parks, the issue of rampant vegetation seems to be getting worse almost everywhere.

Lyme maintenance

Post N restored to planted and upright – it had been broken off a few inches down so it’s now quite a short post. All other controls checked and a few firmed in.

The field containing AN, P and L is now out of bounds after incidences of dogs worrying sheep, and apparently this isn’t going to change anytime soon. You can still use the Gritstone Trail path from G towards HE, but that’s it.