New Shopping System on the way

You may have noticed that the shopping cart items have disappeared from the park pages and the only way to buy a map is now from the GetaMap page.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be moving onto a new shopping system. This will enable us to cope with card-processing changes to do with Strong Customer Authentication (which is probably behind the recent update-your-details stuff you’ve had from assorted on-line banks).

It should also enable PDF purchases to be immediately downloadable.

Please bear with us, and let us know if there’s anything that doesn’t work for you.

Queens Park Heywood update

Busy Spring day in Queens Park Heywood – 3 missing posts replaced (picture is YY), and a missing plaque. Also half-a-dozen minor map corrections. Herons and swans visible on their nests, with lots of geese for company. A very nice and varied park, now in good order.

A new recruit

Some unexpected help with post P at Daisy Nook – Oscar had a go with every tool in the box.

Also this week – painting and firming up at Mirrlees Fields, removal of duplicate U at Chorlton, replacements for R and U at Burrs Country Park (not to mention excellent coffee and cake at the cafe), replacements for P and V plus a couple of little map corrections at Daisy Nook.

Couple of lovely Spring days-worth of maintenance

Lots of jobs done at Burnage Rugby Club – though we found that the post fairy had been out and saved us some effort (thanks!). What was W is now TC;  J has moved a few metres out of brambles.

Post Q at Wythenshawe nudged out of brambles.  A very old post E nudged from behind a hedge at Sale Water Park. Post 33 at Woodbank dug in properly. Post B at Strinesdale dug in properly.

Couple of map changes at Chadderton Hall Park, also post F re-sited and post J dug in properly.

Carnage at Macclesfield Forest

A little trip out to Macclesfield Forest today – first to replace post X which has been disappeared by felling operations, and second to update the map with the current extent of said felling operations.

X has been repositioned on a wall corner about 100mNE of its old site (see photo).  It is slightly non-standard vs all the other posts in the forest as we haven’t got a set of replacement plaques yet.