Change to pricing policy

From the dawn of GMOA time, we’ve charged £1 per map, irrespective.  We have now switched to a policy where the price of a map reflects a combination of costs we incur and contributions from the individual park authorities.

Keys found at Dove Stone

A set of keys has been found at Dove Stone – near a place unlikely to be visited unless you were orienteering (control CC). Looks like house keys and a make of car.  Contact us if they could be yours.

Lots of maintenance

A couple of days of maintenance activity his week:

Checks of Chadderton Hall Park, and Strinesdale.  New S/F plaques at the S1 and S2 starts at Daisy Nook. Rotted plaque D replaced at Gorse Hall.

Missing plaque O replaced at Burrs Country Park. Rotten post Z replaced and missing plaque D put in at Hoyles Park. Missing post A replaced at Queens Park Heywood. Missing post R replaced at Moss Bank.

Photo is the bridge at Queens Park Heywood, from near post A.

Expired SSL

Apologies to everyone inconvenienced by the stern insecurity warnings issued due to our SSL expiring, and not being fixed for a fortnight.  Not in any way related to the previous post.

All should now be OK. Let us know if you have any concerns.


Cyber Attacks

Yesterday, the web site was down all day.

In the last few days, we’ve discovered a rogue admin user – now deleted, several rogue news posts – now deleted, and this database corruption – now recovered.

Apologies for any inconvenience. If you see anything odd on the site –  please let us know.

New Mirrlees Fields course goes live !!!

Mirrlees Fields Friends Group, in conjunction with Stockport Grammar School, Stockport School and Ladybrook Valley District Scouts have funded a new permanent orienteering course at Mirrlees Fields (which is just behind Stepping Hill Hospital in Hazel Grove).

All posts are in position, maps and web site info are available.

Posts restored at Debdale

Post R replaced (and slightly repositioned to be less vulnerable); post S replaced, and post N restored to a vertical position.

Even so, the course is incomplete – posts K and Q have vanished (possibly knocked out by mowing) and post U has been snapped off (we’ve left it propped up).

Also noticed new work on a path to a Remembrance Memorial.