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This post is used for Orienteering

You have just scanned the QR code on a Greater Manchester Orienteering Activities Post. One of a number placed throughout the Park.

We orienteers use a map to find our way from one post – called a control – to another as quickly as we can. If you want to try it you can buy a waterproof map for this Park and many others via our home page.

Click here for some helpful videos.

Smartphone option !

We also offer a smartphone option for six of our Parks. 

1. Download the MapRun App

Download the free MapRun App which uses your smartphone’s GPS to log each visit to a control. It is available for both Android and Apple ‘phones. 

2. Choose a Park

Once you have the App choose a Park in the MR UK> MR Manchester folder. Download the file. This contains a map for your phone and the whereabouts of the controls.

3. Go to the Start

You must start your run at the Start. You can find exactly where this is located in each of the six Parks here: Chorlton, Dove Stone, Heaton, Lyme, Sale Water Park, Wythenshawe. The Start will appear as a purple triangle on your phone map and the controls as purple circles.

Follow the instructions on the App and go to the Start.

4. Start running

Your time begins when the App spots where you are. Navigate to as many controls as you can in the time available. As you visit each control the App will beep and the control circles will change from purple to green.

Earn points.There are 20 points awarded for each control visited, but 30 points per minute deducted for being late.

5. Finish at the Finish

The Finish is shown on the map as a double purple circle and is usually at the same place as the Start.

6. Check out the other orienteers

Visit http://maprunners.weebly.com/results.html to see the results of the other competitors. There are three views for analysis:  firstly the Leader Board; secondly Time Splits which takes you to SplitsBrowser; and finally Runners Routes which is powered by RouteGadget.

Combine the App with a waterproof map

If the map on your smartphone is too small you can always buy a waterproof paper map, a set of control descriptions and full instructions. Buy the “Smartphone Bundle” from the Park Page and we will send it to you.

Chorlton, Dove Stone, Heaton, Lyme, Sale Water Park, Wythenshawe